The Story Behind

My name is Shamser Thapa, and I run the Heaven Hill Guesthouse with my family. I'm also the principal of the high achieving Diamond Hill Academy, the only private school in the region of Lamjung.

Although I was raised without many resources, I managed to attend university in Kathmandu. I then got the opportunity to work in Europe and made a good living there. Life was great, but I missed my village in Gaunshahar surrounded by the beautiful mountains.

My village is very poor. I thought about what I could do to improve the lives of people in the village. I returned to Nepal and became a principal in a school started for children who might not otherwise be able to attend school.

My dream is to give children a good start in life, to educate children, parents, and grandparents about good hygiene, diet, and healthy lifestyle. I want to improve the employment rate of the village and give hope to those who need it. Volunteers and any assistance from other sources are very welcome in Gaunshahar. Change is slow, but with help from others, my dream is slowly becoming a reality.